I was asked to photograph an Opening Day party at an outdoor event at Beta Nightclub. Since the location was only a block away from Coors Field, I had to stop and take some Opening Day shots!
While I was on my short walk from Coors Field to Beta, I heard a band playing live on the street. Turns out, it was just a guy with a full drum kit playing to music on a speaker. His name is Alec and, after hearing him drum to both Nirvana and Yellowcard, I was able to chat with him a little and it was one of the more unique things I've ever seen happen on a street.
I finally arrived at the Beta event, and I was way too early. It had already been going on for a couple of hours, but there weren't many people there, so I just got some photos of an artist named Matt G. who could play just about every instrument there was, so that was fun to capture.

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